Minimum purchase is 2 bottles.

2023 La Volpe Prosecco

The fruit was destemmed and pressed into stainless steel for fermentation. The final product shows spritz, and bubbles lashed with mineral notes, overtones of ripe nashi pear, apple and elderflower.


2023 The Enneagram Sparkling

The Enneagram is made up of 9 Hunter Valley Varietals, both white and red, grown on our Estate. It’s a light bodied wine with floral aromatics and Fizz.


2023 Usher Tinkler Chardonnay Semillon

A blend of 70% Chardonnay with 30% Old Vine Semillon. The Chardonnay underwent wild yeast fermentation in French oak, while the Semillon was fermented in stainless steel. The final blend is a mix of flint and funky from the Chardonnay and zesty, fresh citrus from the Semillon. 


2023 Usher Tinkler Rose

A 50/50 blend of Shiraz and Merlot, picked and handled separately just after the berries changed colour. The fruit was crushed and quickly pressed into tank for fermentation. A bright and fresh style of Rose full of red fruit flavour. 


2023 Usher Tinkler Shiraz Pinot

A blend of 70% Shady Pines Shiraz and 30% Hill Pinot Noir fruit. The wine underwent whole berry fermentation with gentle handling before maturing in old French oak for 3 months. The gentle winemaking helped give soft tannins and enhance the flavours of cherry, plum, and mulberry. 


2022 Reserve Chardonnay

Produced from the ‘Fence Block’ planted in 1981 by the Tinkler family. This chardonnay was fermented in barrel with a mix of wild and cultured yeast, before being left to mature for 6 months in a mix of new and used French Oak. The wine shows characters of ripe melon and lemon, with a hint of French oak and complexity.

Drinking now and cellaring for 6+ years. 


2022 Reserve Shiraz

Barrel selection from the Shady Pines, Forbidden, & 1948 Lindeman’s vineyards, this Shiraz was fermented as whole berries before being pressed into 500L French oak barrels. The wine was then left to mature in a mix of new and used oak for 10 months. The result is a full-bodied Shiraz with lifted aromas of white pepper, black mulberries and vanillan oak.

Cellaring for 10-15+ years


2022 Wine Pornography

A blend of 98% Viognier and 2% Muscat, whole bunch fermented with twice-daily foot stomping to extract flavour from grape skins and stems. The fruit was pressed into old French barrels previously used for our Chardonnay and matured for 3 months. This resulted in a wine orange in colour with flavours of ripe yellow peach, apricot, and watercress. 


2023 Death By Semillon

Fermented as whole bunches and pressed off at the end of fermentation. This Semillon then spent 3 months in old French barrels previously used for our Chardonnay and underwent full malolactic fermentation. The result is a textural, juicy white wine with a zesty, dry finish. 


2023 Rebirth Shiraz

Produced from the organic Shady Pines vineyard planted in 1968. This Shiraz fruit was fermented as whole bunches and pressed off at dryness into old French oak. The wine underwent full malolactic fermentation and was matured for 3 months in oak. The final product is a Shiraz driven by the flavour of juicy black plum and mulberry.

Decant this wine to open the bouquet and enjoy its blackberry aromatics  


2023 Big Bad Bill Semillon

Usher William Tinkler (Bill): my father, the farmer and veteran of more than 50 harvests from the vines he planted, nurtures and protects. He’s a gentleman, just like this Old Vine Semillon. 


2023 Paperwasp Chardonnay

‘The Dance of the Paper Wasp’ is familiar to many a backpacker during harvest in this vineyard. These wasps love to nest in the canopy of our vines at the exact time of hand harvesting. 


2023 Devils Kitchen Pinot Noir

We have planted, grafted and replaced Pinot Noir vines for many years. As such, the vineyard looks something like the ‘Devil’s Kitchen’ – a true mix of character and complexity.



Limited to 3000 bottles per batch, the Mr T’s Fortified is produced from sweet over-ripe Verdelho grapes fortified with grape spirit. The wine is then left to mature in old oak for 15 years to give a blend of sweet caramel, old whiskey, toast and spice.